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Welcome to GP Escorts – Services for Executives Escort Girls in Miami Florida

Here some information needed to work as an executive of companion in your city.

We are selecting girlfriend to work in your area !!!






– Be at least 21 years.

-Have Good looks, be discreet and friendly.

-No Need to take pictures, display your image and publicly or disclose their name and private telephone. Total secrecy. You need to send photos only to a pre-assessment.

-is Not need to meet schedules. Work with the day and time you want without any commitment, with the possibility of associating the time with your current job if applicable.

Daily-payment and made the act without intermediaries and cash.

Possibility of senior secured gains that range from $ 1.000.00 per week up to R $ 12.000.00 per month.

– Meetings with full security with service to selected customers and registered in our advertising media with no obligation to make announcements or take other people’s commitments.

– Assistance and support in full disclosure, necessary for the conduct of meetings.

– Contact is made via phone, SMS or WhatsApp for scheduling meetings.

-Values ​​Depend on your profile to be agreed at the time of interview.

– Interested following contact:

To interview schedules call any day of the week

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Schedule an appointment to interview and start work today.

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